Monday, January 4, 2010

St. Therese

O Little Flower
Even now I hear the ringing of
bells and angelic applause
which greeted your arrival at
the narrow gate. In your little way,
you slipped right through the eye
of the needle with a childlike grace.
Plucked from the world in the
tenderness of your youth, a
flower in full bloom, petals
raised to the Son, the odor
of your sanctity reaches us still.
A shower of roses....a heavenly bouquet.
We ask for your intercession and help.
May we learn from you, Saint Therese,
that little acts done with great love are
more pleasing to the Father than great
acts done with little love.
Pray for us...that when we pass into
eternity, we, too, may slip easily
through the narrow gate.   Amen

                          Mary N.    2009


  1. Mary,
    What a beautiful poem/prayer to the Little Flower!I love "In your little way you slipped right through the eye of the needle..."
    Thanks for sharing this.
    God Bless!

  2. Mary your poem is a beautifull gift and am so happy you are sharing it, although St. Anne is my favorite saint I love St. Therese(a) as much..
    I hope you had a good day.....:-) Hugs

  3. Thank you, Karinann and Bernie! God be with you both:)

  4. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful saint!

  5. A beautiful prayer to my favorite saint!!

  6. Wow; that is so awesome! Thanks for your comments as they are so appreciated. Your blog the Heavenly Ever After? sounds like a great title and would make for some good posts?..

  7. Heavenly Ever After is where I'll be writing about....heaven :) My main blog is The Beautiful Gate, that's where I do most of my posting, but I decided to categorize some of my writing so I will be a little more organized. Thanks for visiting my blog:)