Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Hearts

The Woman raised eyes sorrowful
Bedimmed with grief and loss
Suffering she spoke not a word
But leaned upon the cross
In agony, her tears flowed down
A soldier pierced His side
Thorns crowned her baby's head
Her Life , her Joy, her Pride
Upon this scene I entered
Espied entwined two Hearts
Naked he came from her womb
...and naked he departs


  1. Oh my I have tears in my eyes as I read this Mary, it reminded me of the day I buried my greater pain than to bury one's child (my son was 26) I have often prayed to Mary as I knew she felt my grief.....:-) Hugs

  2. I'm sorry, Bernie. That is the greatest pain of all, I can't imagine losing my child. Mary understands this loss. Right now, I wish I really could give you a hug. God bless you, Bernie.

  3. To see the sufferings of our Blessed Mother Mary means that you reflect often of the sufferings of Mary and her divine Son Jesus.

  4. Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL reflection.

    I am sorry for your visitor Bernie's loss...I lost a brother when he was only 24...I remember very well my mother's pain...and so I offer my heartfelt sympathy and ask God to continue to comfort Bernie...for I know the years pass on...but the heartache never really goes away.

    As we near Ash Wednesday Mary, you have provided such a wonderful meditation to begin OUR JOURNEY....thank you.

  5. Judy,
    I'm sorry to hear that you also lost a loved one, I would be crushed to lose a child or sibling, it is a very tough cross for a family to lose a loved one at such a young age. May Mother Mary console both you and Bernie.

    Thank you for the comment on my post :) This year is the first that I have really tried poetry that rhymes[for the most part], usually I write free form so I really appreciate the feedback :)

  6. Mary, this is incredibly beautiful! You are a saint, truly! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  7. Thanks, Anne! As for the saint part...I wish! I better become one though 'cause there are only saints in heaven!

  8. God has greatly gifted you
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless;

  9. Wow, this is stunning! You truly have a gift from God to write heart-felt poetry.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Any friend of Anne's is a friend of mine!

  10. Deborah,
    You and Anne are extremely gifted, too :) Any sister of Anne's is a friend of mine! You two are blessed to have each other.

  11. When we think on the "reality" of this we can only grieve. This makes my heart aches again Mankind's cruelty seems to know no end.


  12. B,
    My heart is always struck by the thought of Mary's grief as she watched her beloved son crucified.

  13. I always get emotionally stuck during the Stations of the Cross when I come to the picture of Mary at the foot of the cross. How horrible that must have been for her! As a mother, I cannot imagine the incredible sorrow and helplessness Mary must have felt.

    Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  14. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth! Happy Easter to you and the whole crew :)

  15. Oh wow, Thank you for this. For this is what its all about. Thank you so much for your prayers this week~

  16. Thoughtfully said. You are a beautiful blessed servant of the Lord.

  17. What Mary experienced... the thought makes me cry.

  18. Mary, this is really beautiful. Love it.. Your poetry is amazing!
    Marinela x