Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Just a soft whisper
Let there be peace
Unheard by those thundering
figureheads of society
Who bellow their war chants
Righteous, superior voices
Drowning out choices
Years spent fighting wars
nobody can win
For land that
nobody can own
Just borrowed soil
lent to sons
who die fighting for it


  1. I'll come back to this one day.

    There is an outer peace, true.
    Ravages of war and gain must end to obtain it.

    But there is also an inner peace.
    And no war, noise, storm, or travail, can destroy or minimize it....ever.

    The sign of peace at every Mass is not even about spiritual war.

    It is the warmth from the glowing embers of someone's placing value on YOU, enough to walk over, shake hands, and tell you:
    "Peace be with you"

    Even if you have never been valued nor loved,by anyone, THAT peace is freely avaiable every day, every Mass, to all.

  2. Thank you, Keystone. Your comment is very insightful.