Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances;
To seek Him, the greatest adventure;
To find Him, the greatest human achievement.
                           St. Augustine


  1. This is from the Saint, who's sins of the flesh are world reknown. Indeed, his most famous quote from "Confession", was a desire to be in lust until just before death, if he could.

    "Oh Lord, Make me pure; but NOT yet!"
    ~~~St. Augustine.

    He is proof that Intercessory prayer
    a) WORKS

    His momma , Monica, prayed for Augustine's soul unfailingly, and it is due to Monica interceding, and asking God to trump free will by interceding for her wayward son, Augustine, that we place a "St." before his true name.

    Thank God for moms!
    Without them, some of us would be toast! Burnt!

  2. Keystone,
    I have a soft spot for St. Augustine. And I thank God for moms, too, because I'm one of the ones who would have been toast (LOL)!