Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The seven capital sins- Anger

Cold, hard, eyes
Mouth drawn thin
Shakes his fist
At the slightest whim
Filled with rage
His heart too small
Chokes on ire:
"What's wrong with you all!"


  1. God is love!
    Anger is a build up of hate.

    Each step in anger is ultimately a baby step away from God, as love grows dimmer, and hate grows in clarity, and rage.

    A complaining wife lamented over and over to her silent hubby, as he drove the car to the store:

    "When we were first courting, you used to sit next to me with your arms around me, cherishing and loving me. You don't do that anymore".

    Looking at his wife in the passenger seat, he simply replied:
    "Who moved?"

    When anger comes, ask the same question of yourself:
    "Who moved....toward...or away....fom the one who drives and cherishes".