Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The seven capital sins- Envy

He slithers around
Eyes of green
A writhing wraith
Petty and mean

With his lot is discontent
Tearing down is his bent

Of empathy, he is devoid
The fall of others gives him joy:
"Look at him! Can't you see?!
He's dumb, fat, and cowardly.
The gifts he has should be for me.
I deserve these more than he!"


  1. "I deserve these more than he".
    That line caught my attention.

    However, to view what I see as Envy, we must take the telescope, used by many and turn it around to view from the proper end.

    Looking out, from small end to large, amplifies what is seen.
    Looking from the large end, to the smaller scope lens, diminishes all that is viewed.

    So too, with Envy.
    In looking at Envy from small-to-large end, we view what is amplified, but not ours.
    It belongs to others.

    Throw away the telescope!
    Envy is telling God He made a mistake in your personal allocation, when in fact, He has gifted you to do much, with little.
    Widow's mite comes to mind).

    Envy is a denial that God chose His best for you.
    And when we place OUR judgment above the judgment of Our Lord, Father, and Spirit....
    we choose to become our own God, with Our best choices for us.
    In so doing, we are looking at the wrong end of the telescope once again.
    A magnifying lens will help you read easier, (constructive) or fry an ant on the sidewalk in the sunshine (destructive). Same tool , btw.

    We must choose to use our gifts, and tools, to edify God in every way.
    Anything else is Envy, an edification of us.

  2. Your comments are interesting, Keystone, and I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on envy. They are very insightful. Thank you for taking the time to share them!