Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The seven capital sins- Lust

Wanton, lewd, lascivious satyr
Lies enchained by his master
Disrespect for others is his curse
For lust is love in reverse

Always hungry, never replete
Preys on souls with deceit
The more attempts to fill this hunger
The stronger the hold he lies under

Caught up in his misery
Lust screams out his agony:
"The cure for this is too hard for me,
  for the cure for this is purity!"

1 comment:

  1. Lust shines when you add "er" to make luster.

    But it remains poison in the short form.
    For all lust is betrayal of the soul;
    yours,......and the object of your desire.

    And lust, like dust, is not limited to just people desiring people for their own benefit.
    (Worse, MUTUAL benefit of destruction).

    No, lust is like dust....everywhere and everything covered in filth over time.
    If there were eight deadly sins, and you chose lust as one, betrayal would be the eigth deadly sin, every time.