Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saintly wisdom

What, I pray you, is dying? Just what is it to put off a garment? For the body is about the soul as a garment; and after laying this aside for a short time by means of death, we shall resume it again with more splendor.
                                                                      St. John Chrysostom


  1. Every death is an Ash Wednesday.
    "Remember man that thou art dust; and unto dust you shall return"

    But every Ash Wednesday has an Easter after.

    He came from His place
    To our place
    To take our place
    So we could go to His place.

    Not "all" shall resume again with "more" splendor. Some prefer to say of their entire life:
    "To Hell with it!"
    And they reside forever, splendorlessly.

  2. And I am so thankful He DID come to take our place so we could go to heaven!